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CSWIP  Welding Inspector

Certification: CSWIP - UK

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Abu Dhabi - JAN

05/Jan - 09/Jan

CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector training & examination batch in Abu Dhabi, January 2020 - Enroll Today and get discount !


AED 7340

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Dubai - FEB

02/Feb - 06/Feb

CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector training & examination batch in Dubai, February 2020
Enroll Today and get discount !


AED 7340

CSWIP in Sharjah.jpg

Sharjah - MAR

01/MAR - 05/MAR

CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector training & examination batch in Sharjah, March 2020
Enroll Today and get discount !


AED 7340

What will I learn?

This course will teach you the duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector including fusion welding processes, typical weld defects, types of steel (including carbon-manganese, low alloy and stainless steels), the hardening of steels, weldability, heat treatment, and parent metal defects.

The programme also includes visual inspection, the testing of parent metals and welds, and destructive and non-destructive test techniques.

You will also learn welder and procedure approval, codes and standards, and an outline of safe working practices. 

There will also be the opportunity to practice examination questions while undergoing continuous and end-of-course assessment. If you meet the CSWIP requirements for eligibility, you will be able to complete the relevant CSWIP examination on day 5 of the course. 

Petronext is authorized CSWIP agent for UAE, Europe & African continent  

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand factors which influence the quality of fusion welds in steels 

  • Recognize characteristics of commonly used welding processes in relation to quality control 

  • Interpret drawing instructions and symbols to ensure that specifications are met 

  • Set up and report on inspection of welds, macro-sections, and other mechanical tests

  • Assess and report on welds to acceptance levels 

  • Confirm that incoming material meets stipulated requirements and recognize the effects on weld quality of departure from specification 

  • Be in a position to pass the Welding Inspector examinations




  • Welding Inspector for a minimum of 3 years with experience related to the duties and responsibilities listed in Clause 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92, under qualified supervision, independently verified OR

  • Certified Visual Welding Inspector for a minimum of 2 years with job responsibilities in the areas listed in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92 OR

  • Welding Instructor or Welding Foreman/Supervisor for a minimum of one year

In addition to all the above, candidates must comply with Clause 1.3.4 of document WI-6-92 available at

All experience will need to be verified by either your previous/present employer/company done by Petronext.


Welding & Painting Inspector Certifications

The package consists of twelve modules: 

  • Duties of a Welding Inspector 

  • Codes and Standards

  • Welding Terminology and Definitions

  • Welding  Defects

  • Welding Symbols

  • Electricity in Welding

  • Introduction to Destructive Testing

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Weldability of Steels

  • Heat Treatment

  • Welding Equations 

  • Welding Processes

Petronext training package includes Training, Examination & Certification. Reach us today and enroll yourself to world of opportunities.

*All the courses available at our both training center (Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah) followed with hi-tea and Lunch/Dinner facility.

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