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Pre Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services from Petronext help clients and individuals around the world to protect their import revenues, facilitate trade and minimize the risk of illegal and improper imports.


Petronext is an subsidiary of Dnieper Group for EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Constructions in MENA region and across the globe. 

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of goods, invoices and other documentation to enable proper identification prior to shipment with regard to:

  • Quality

  • Quantity

  • Tariff classification

  • Import eligibility

  • Export market price and/or valuation for customs purposes


This identification allows for the correct assessment of customs duties and taxes or the shipment value for foreign exchange control. Pre-shipment inspection is also key to helping governments maintain compliance with the WTO Agreement on Customs Valuation.

Why choose Petronext as your Pre-shipment inspection partner ?

Petronext is proud to be a leader in pre-shipment inspection. Since years, over 16 countries have adopted our programs to protect government and individuals finances and/or facilitate trade with secure and cost saving process. We are constantly striving to improve our service to governments in order to speed up the flow of information to customs, ensure documentary security and reduce delays in the importation process.

Modern pre-shipment inspection, through the use of innovative approaches and tools such as security labels and the electronic transmission of results, can achieve even higher cost-effectiveness and offer greater benefits than ever before.

Contact us today to find out more about how pre-shipment inspection services from Petronext can help you.

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