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Engineering  Training & Certification

Oil and Gas Training

For many years we have been seeing significant changes in the Oil and Gas industry with the emergence of new business models, companies and sources. With the international demand for the petroleum products reaching at a height and the challenges currently being faced, it is vital that the Oil and Gas professionals recognize the need of a comprehensive and broad understanding of the Oil and Gas industry, including economics, evaluation and decision-making skills.

The Oil and Gas training courses in our portfolio, led by subject experts will provide the participants a broad base of knowledge, covering the total spectrum of the oil and gas business, specific skills and competencies to meet the challenges currently being faced and provide you a competitive advantage.

  • Process Equipment & Piping Systems

  • Applied Water Technology in Oil and Gas Production

  • Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry

  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Process & Mechanical Engineering Essentials

Health, Safety & Security Training

Organizations with a strong and viable Health, Safety and Security culture typically experience fewer at risk behaviors, incidents, emergencies and crises; consequently they also experience lower accident rates, lower staff turn-over, lower absenteeism but higher productivity. They are usually companies who are deemed extremely successful by all involved stakeholders excelling in all aspects of business and excellence.

Health, Safety and Security therefore demands due corporate diligence ensuring compliance with international regulations, demands strategic planning and of course demands the all-important training for key personnel. With so much at stake, and to ensure that you can make a difference, We have compiled an excellent list of key and relevant training courses delivered by the world's best speakers, instructors, and coaches suiting all types of organizations.

  • Security Management & Asset Protection Advanced Course

  • IOSH Managing Safely

  • Information Security Management

  • Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • ISO 17025 & Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for analytical laboratories

  • Advanced HSSE Principles & Practices

  • Advanced Risk, Reliability and Safety Management Techniques

  • Safety Management Best Practices

  • Food Safety Management

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Major Emergency Management & Initial Response (MEMIR)

  • Safety Leadership in the Oil and Gas Industry

Maintenance Management Courses


Improve your Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management knowledge by attending Petronext Maintenance Management training courses. Delivered by world-class experts, the Maintenance Management courses cover the relevant and actual topics on maintenance methodologies and maintenance technologies, like RCM, Risk Management, Decision Support as well as Asset Management. By applying these topics in your own working environment you and your team are able to realize the highest possible output with your assets.


Petronext Training has a wide portfolio of Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management training courses that will support you to develop your skills as an effective maintenance and asset management professional as well as improving specific capabilities.

  • Maintenance Management Best Practices

  • Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

  • Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry

  • facility Management Maintenance

Project Management Training


From project appraisal & analysis to value engineering skills, our Petronext courses run the full spectrum of Project Management Training. We also run training courses on subjects such as project finance, preparation, resourcing, monitoring and control.


On this section you will find our complete list of courses, which you can select by date, venue or title. Register today and ensure you and your team continue to have a competitive edge.

  • The Complete Course on Contracts & Project Management

  • Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions

  • Project Finance & Financial Analysis Techniques for Infrastructure Projects

  • The Complete Course on Project Management: Project Management Specialist

  • Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis & Evaluation

  • PMP - Managing Contractual Liabilities

  • Project Scheduling, Cost Planning & Value Engineering Skills

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