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The One Stop Solution for All the Industrial Needs – Be With Petronext

Petronext offers innovative industrial services, top notch inspections, verifications, certifications and testing to the companies worldwide. They are renowned for its quality and integrity in their services offered. The certified technicians, they offer ace services to the companies. Operating in more than 7 offices around the world, they set the standards of quality to the world.

Legendary Services

The company offers many integral services to their clients through research, innovation and execution. The ranges of services are many and few are listed below

1. Industrial Services: Third Party inspection services are offered right from raw material selection till the end product certification. This is one of the best Inspection companies in UAE.

2. Engineering and Manpower: Skilled manpower is supplied to the companies in need. They have been doing these since a long time.

3. Fire and Safety Systems: The complete protection of the infrastructure of the client is offered.

4. Electrical Inspections: As a part of professional services, Petronext also inspects the electrical standards of their clients.

5. Testing and Laboratories: Quality testing and certification testing are also done for the clients’ business betterment.

6. Training and Certification: Technical Training and Certification is offered to skilled manpower.

Skilled manpower on request

The company offers unlimited skilled manpower to the industries. This skilled staffs are well equipped. In fact the best Oil & Gas jobs in UAE are offered through them. These staff are trained and certified after a period and then outsourced. The quality of training and infrastructure is par excellent from the current industry design.

Industrial Inspection

The protections of branding and financial loss of the companies happen through Petronext’s inspection methods. The world class laboratories of them support the industries to select the high-quality raw material and also certify the end product.

They function in a totally different way. The inspection of raw materials happens; prior to it the end product life cycle is thoroughly analyzed. They come under a clear conclusion of what raw material is required. Suggest the same to the clients, once it arrives it is inspected.

The raw materials go through rigorous execution process and finally the end product is also tested for quality. Life management of oil refineries are also carried out by them. This ensures complete safety to the business.

The inspection is carried out in different domains – Construction and Engineering, Energy and Commodities, Structural and Welding Inspections and lastly amusement and theme park inspections. Highly skilled licensed inspectors work on these projects to ensure safety and security.

Safety and Security

The supply and installation of fire safety systems happens as per their suggestion. This includes a top notch expert who suggests various ways of safety system to protect the infrastructure from disasters. Right from electrical system till the plumbing areas are inspected to come under a perfect binding safety.

They do not stop just there, annual maintenance of all the equipment is also carried out with sheer perfection. The record sheet is maintained in an encrypted data secured systems which in turn reduces network hacks. Petronext is next to perfection in whatever they do and they form a part of any industrial set up. As per their motto, they stand tall in offering happiness to all types of businesses.

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