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  • Completely bus supplied alarm device
  • Powered loop compatible
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 64 alarm devices for each powered loop
  • Each alarm device has built-in isolator
  • Synchronous trigger
  • Acoustic alarm properties:
  • EN 54-3 compliant
  • High acoustic pressure
  • Volume programmable in 8 steps via tools 8000
  • 20 different signaling tones, including DIN tone

IQ8Alarm Plus/So Sounder, red

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Addressable, completely bus supplied and short circuit / open circuit resilient fire alarm sounder in compliance with EN 54‑3 with integrated signaling tones for acoustic alarm signaling.

    With up to 20 different programmable signaling tones including DIN tone in accordance with DIN 33404 Part 3.

    The volume can be set to 8 different levels. The load factor can be set to 2 different levels.

    Signaling device with flat base, suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.

    Optionally, IP base Part No. 806202 with side cable entry and weatherproof protection can be installed.

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